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Making Quality Care Affordable

Fighting for Patients - Not Insurance Companies - Congressman Bishop supported legislation that finally gives the upper hand to patients rather than to insurance companies and keeps health care decisions where they belong: between doctors and patients. Because of his support, Long Island families will no longer face insurance companies denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, cancelling coverage because a patient gets sick, or dollar limits on the amount a plan will cover during the year or the patient’s lifetime. Long Island families will be able to keep kids on their insurance plan until age 26 and have access to preventive services without paying any cost-sharing so that they can stay healthy and productive.

As our neighbors have seen their health insurance premiums double over the last decade, Congressman Bishop has fought to rein in excessive premium increases. He has supported legislation that will hold insurance companies accountable for premium increases, ensuring that these increases aren’t padding profit margins.

Congressman Bishop has fought against efforts to reduce reimbursements so Long Island hospitals that would threaten their ability care for our communities. He also supports a permanent fix to the Sustainable Growth Rate, the formula responsible for Medicare physician payments, so that doctors can continue to serve Medicare patients.

Congressman Bishop continues to support important scientific research in cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and other illnesses Americans battle every day. Only with research will we discover more effective treatments and one day cures to these diseases.